Elementary Carline Procedures 2020

Car riders will be picked up at the west end of the elementary school. Cars should line up headed north and proceed down M street to the west end doors. Please do not arrive to pick-up your child prior to 3:20pm. Access at the west end will be blocked until this time and cars should not block citizen drives on M street by arriving before 3:20pm. Also, please be mindful of the traffic on Peterson street and do not pull into the street until there is enough room to safely enter school grounds.

Bus riders will be loaded on the south side of the elementary school at the main entrance. Please do not block this area. If a parent needs to enter the office, please use the parking area east of the elementary school.

Elementary/Middle School students who ride with high school siblings may be picked up at the east elementary/middle school doors.

Walkers will remain in the classroom until all cars are through the carline, usually around 3:40pm.

By making these changes, it allows students in grades PK-5th to remain in their rooms as we are avoiding allowing the students to be present in large groups. Middle school car riders will wait outside of the elementary classroom of their sibling.

As with any new procedure, this will take a bit of getting used to. Please be patient and follow the above guidelines so that we may take these additional measures for student safety.

Drop-off will be at the west end for grades PK-5 and the east end for grades 6-8. Doors will not be open until 7:30am.  Students arriving after 7:50am are considered tardy and should check-in through the office door.

ALL VISITORS/GUESTS/SERVICE PROVIDERS will be restricted, and that any visitor allowed within the premises will always wear face coverings. Temperature checks will be required of all visitors. In situations where schools and districts have partnerships with community organizations, health care providers, and local organizations that provide educational and wraparound services to students and staff, such patrons will be allowed into buildings following the same procedures as for school personnel.